Risks and reward of bridge loan

If you do not have the money and your existing home hasn’t oversubscribed, you’ll fund the payment for the move-up target one in every of 2 common ways that. you’ll finance a bridge loan or eliminate a home equity loan or home equity line of credit.

In either case, it would be safer and create additional money sense to attend before shopping for a home. Sell your existing home initial. raise yourself what your next step are going to be if your existing home does not sell for quite a while. you will be financially supporting 2 residences.

If you are certain your home can sell otherwise you have a concept in situ just in case it does not, the most advantage to a bridge loan is that it permits you to avoid a contingent provide on the lines of, “I’ll obtain your home if my home sells.”

Many sellers will not settle for such a contingent provide in a very sellers’ market. Having a bridge loan in situ will create your move-up provide additional enticing.

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