features of loan against property

Financing your child’s education, managing your wedding expenses, increasing your business, or maybe handling unforeseen medical expenses, a Loan Against Property  permits you to try to to it all.it offers custom-made Loan Against Property to salaried and freelance people.

High-value loans created cheap

provides you access to a better loan quantity at cheap Loan Against Property interest rates. Salaried people get a high loan quantity up to Rs.1 crore, whereas freelance people will avail a loan of up to Rs.3.5 crore.
Hassle-free loan disbursal

Loan against property eligibility criteria square measure straightforward with marginal documentation needed and also the method is completed at intervals seventy two hours. you furthermore mght get threshold service for submitting your documents.
Flexible Tenor

Salaried people will choose a tenor starting from two to twenty years and repay the loan handily. freelance people will choose a tenor of up to eighteen years to repay the loan. you’ll be able to part-prepay or pay your loan anytime at marginal charges.
Easy balance transfer facility

Transfer your existing Loan Against Property to with marginal documentation and fast process and find a high-value indefinite quantity loan.
Flexi Hybrid feature

Borrow as you go and pay interest solely on the quantity used. Manage your finances effectively and pay interest-only EMIs.
Online Account Management

Access your loan details anytime and anyplace via client portal – Experia

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